Is Target Finally Coming to Hampstead? Duke Basketball & USA Olympic Champion Eyes Retail Slam-Dunk 

Impeccable Development, a Florida-based commercial real estate firm, is hoping to transform Hampstead’s retail landscape. Shoppers are excited about the potential of finally bringing a Target department store to the Hampstead area.

According to the site plans released by Impeccable Development, the largest structure in the 42-acre project on Highway 17 is labeled as a Target department store. Although Target’s official website does not yet list a future location in Hampstead, the design and scale of the building align with Target’s typical store layout – coming in at over 147,000 square feet.

Among the company’s leadership team is Carlos Boozer, a name that resonates with sports enthusiasts. Following a 2001 National Championship at Duke University, Boozer had a remarkable career in the NBA and added two Olympic medals playing basketball for Team USA.

The company is led by a team of real estate enthusiasts, who are committed to forging investment-driven relationships with some of the nation’s largest retailers. The team is composed of four entrepreneurs: Rob Tanner, Director of Real Estate and Co-Founder; Amit Seghal, Director of Operations and Co-Founder; Dr. Jeffrey Postal, Co-Founder and Investor; and Carlos Boozer, Co-Founder and Investor. Dan Hernandez serves as the VP of Real Estate, and Troy Postal, In-House Counsel, completes the team.

Former Spot Festival Location Site

For long-time Hampstead residents, the location of this new development will be well-known. Slated to be built where the annual Spot Festival traditionally takes place, the new retail complex spans a 1,100-foot stretch along Highway 17, between the ABC Liquor Store and The Beacon – a professional office building serving as home to over half a dozen health and financial service businesses.

Other Notable Retail & Restaurant Brands

While the addition of a local Target department store may steal plenty of attention, there are some other prominent retail brands identified in the site plans.

These include:

  • TJ Maxx
  • Ross
  • Burlington
  • Burke’s
  • Michael’s
  • Five Below
  • Ulta
  • Walgreens
  • Taco Bell
  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
  • Popeyes

Despite many new storage businesses entering the area in recent years, the site plans also show a placeholder for a two-story, 40,000 sq. ft. self-storage facility. Another building covering 10,500 sq. ft. is labeled in the plans as “Stores,” suggesting that local entrepreneurs may also have a presence in the retail center.

Impact on Highway 17 & Wilmington Commuters

The arrival of a new shopping complex promises more than just retail opportunities. The project entails modifications to Highway 17 that go beyond the existing Hampstead Bypass Project, which is likely to affect the local commute to and from Wilmington, NC. This change raises concerns for residents about increased traffic and potential disruption. In response to such concerns, the plans do call for a new traffic signal in front of the 1,100 feet of frontage on Highway 17 – which is believed to help manage the anticipated traffic increase.

Early Response from Residents

News of the development has been met with a mix of excitement and trepidation within the community. For many, the arrival of brands like Target, TJ Maxx, and Burlington signals a step up in local shopping options. However, others express reservations, mourning the loss of yet another natural space being used for ongoing commercial development in the area.



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28 thoughts on “Is Target Finally Coming to Hampstead? Duke Basketball & USA Olympic Champion Eyes Retail Slam-Dunk ”

  1. Really are you insane? That’s a stupid question! The commissioners are insane and the people moving here are too. Just stop just stop! Moratorium on building. There’s a target in Wilmington!

    • Omg, stop complaining. So what if Wilmington has 1. Hampstead needs a lot more then just fast food, storage units and car washes. Need to adjust with the times. Get out of your bubble.

      • Get out of your bubble?! Do you have to make that commute back and forth everyday from Hampstead to Wilmington everyday? Adding all this shit will just make the drive even worse. So a normal 35 minute drive is already over an hour, add all this retail in will make that drive 2 hours.

    • Agree whole heartedly. Low quality shops not wanted and not the resulting traffic. The bypass cannot relieve the added traffic from housing and commercial development! Stop, stop stop!!!

  2. Having moved here in 2015 after vacationing in Hampstead in 2009, this is exactly what I was hoping would happen. With such a development with come other changes like hopefully forcing Hampstead to incorporate and raise taxes to push out the trashy look that plagues 17. Property values will jump again as deeded water access becomes more valuable due to over crowded public boat launches.

    • Yes, it warms my heart to see properties that have stayed in families for generations to be sold off so the incoming Yankees can feel more comfortable with new development.

      • According to 2021 study the top 5 states that transplants are moving from are Florida, New York, Virginia, South Carolina and California. Only one Yankee state so please stop blaming it on Yankees.

    • You are the reason that those of us who have lived here 30+ years are upset. You took our quaint little town and turned it into a congested town with high taxes.

    • I completely agree. There was a time when I’d have been delighted that Hampstead might get a Target store, but that was before Target became “woke”. They’ve decided that the current lunacy regarding kids picking their gender is something to support. That’s fine, but don’t expect to see me in there spending any of my money there. I’ll drive to Jacksonville first.

      Why do I even know that company’s political leanings? If I were one of its stockholders I’d be pretty upset they decided to stick their corporate thumb in the eyes of half of the country. There was a time when making money was the purpose of business. Now it’s to virtue signal.


  3. I hope those in Burgaw thought this through. Building this is one thing, but is the infrastructure in place, to support this endeavor? Can the electric grid, water supply and sewage handle this expansion? Neighborhoods are springing up all over, taxing the the infrastructure, now this. I’m all for growth, as long as it’s done in a responsible manner.

  4. If this happens, more food restaurants will come and Hampstead will get out of the 20year bubble and move with the times. Need to start thinking about kids, families and possibly a better future for kids wanting to raise a family in Hampstead with better Jobs, more opportunities. Next step Please Incorporate Hampstead, like Surf city and Porters. We need our own, EMS, Fire, police and better infrastructure.

  5. Nice that a Target is coming.
    But this will make 17 even more insane. The bypass, whenever it actually gets here, will be no help for this. Its location is not near the ramps, so seems like all it does is put a few thousand more cars on wildly overburdened 17
    They said a traffic light will ease the congestion?

  6. The joke for years was that this area would one day hold a Target store. I guess it’s not a joke anymore. At least it’s not another gas station.

  7. Glad to have some additional shopping options but I wish they would be a little more creative with the restaurants. We already have 2 Bojangles and now we’re going to have a 2nd Taco Bell and another chicken place? Can’t we get some variety???

  8. I am sure you love to hear this but we are building a home in Hampstead and the only thing missing is retail spaces. Yes, we are moving from the North. Salter’s Haven and Summerhouse are two of the nicest communities in all of NC and will bring new buyers and home values will increase substantially.


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