5 Boaters Rescued in a 4 Boating Incidents Monday at New Topsail Inlet

In a challenging start to the week, five boaters were rescued in four separate incidents at New Topsail Inlet on Monday.

The incidents followed a night of wild weather, including quick-moving thunderstorms and high wind gusts, followed by a sudden drop in temperature of more than 20 degrees.

As the severe weather conditions eased, residual effects of the storms made navigation difficult in the waters of New Topsail Inlet, located between Topsail Island’s southern end and the northern tip of Lea-Hutaff Island. The Topsail Beach Fire Department and the United States Coast Guard were called to action for rescue and assistance operations.

Among the incidents, two boats faced mechanical failures, one ran aground, and another capsized in the challenging conditions. Remarkably, despite the variety of issues faced, all five individuals aboard the boats were safely rescued without any reported injuries.


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