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From the very first time I stepped on Topsail Island, the essence of community, freedom, and entrepreneurship rang true. Beauty is not hard to find and friends are never far. The sense of “living in a bubble” can have adverse connotations; However, on this island, it is a privilege. I hope to bring special moments and create forever memories. Events that leave a lasting impression, much like our island.

From booking to site cleanup—we cater to our clients by ensuring a seamless experience. Luxe Lily provides exclusive options, add-ons & the freedom to enjoy every moment. Let us sweat the small stuff & pre-book today!

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New York native Cynthia Glavan has been in the service industry for nearly 15 years. She brings her experience in all things events and catering to provide elegant custom event packages with add-ons that turn up the vibe for any occasion. Currently offering picnics, outdoor movie nights, and date night subscription packages.

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