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Specializing in birth photography, videography, doula services, & twin education & coaching. With a deep dedication to supporting birthing families, I understand the transformative power of this life event. Through photography, I aim to capture the remarkable strength & capabilities during birth. As a doula, I provide nurturing support during this precious time.
Additionally, I offer online education & coaching specifically tailored for families expecting twins, equipping them with valuable knowledge.

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Lauren is a Certified Birth Photographer & Postpartum Doula.

She is a wife and a mother of three boys, two of them a set of twins, along with two beloved fur babies. The experience of becoming a mother brought about a profound transformation in her life & had never anticipated the fulfillment that birth would bring.

Motherhood has become a catalyst for change, shaping her life in extraordinary ways. Through her artistry and dedicated postpartum care, she aspires to showcase the brilliance of all seasons of motherhood to women everywhere. Her aim is to empower and uplift, demonstrating the beauty and strength that can be found in every stage of this remarkable journey.

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