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Hampstead, North Carolina, is a charming and evolving community nestled in Pender County. This unincorporated, census-designated area, spanning just over 20 square miles, lies south of Surf City, west of Topsail Island, and north of Wilmington. As of 2023, Hampstead is home to about 7,037 residents, reflecting its steady growth from a small, rural community founded in the early 1900s to a more developed and vibrant area.

Despite its expansion and the addition of numerous homes and businesses in recent years, Hampstead has successfully preserved its small-town essence and community spirit. Known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, this area continues to attract those seeking a blend of rural charm and modern convenience.

Hampstead Community Government – Offices & Services

Pender County Hampstead Annex

Pender County Government's Hampstead Annex LocationLocated at 15060 US Highway 17, Hampstead, NC 28443, the Hampstead Annex is a vital hub for accessing a range of Pender County Government services. While Hampstead itself is not an incorporated city, it is fully encompassed within Pender County, and the Annex brings essential government functions and services closer to the community.

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Services Offered:
Residents of the Hampstead area can access a variety of services at the Annex, including:

  • Health & Human Services: Environmental Health, WIC, Immunization Clinics, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Energy Assistance
  • Housing Authority
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Planning & Community Development: Permitting, Building Inspections
  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Veteran’s Services

In recent years, the Hampstead Annex has played a crucial role in the community. It served as a voting location, facilitating the democratic process for residents. Additionally, it was instrumental in the COVID-19 response, hosting vaccination clinics organized by the Pender County Department of Health & Human Services.

Hampstead Police

Hampstead does not have its own dedicated police station. However, the Pender County Sheriff’s Office provides regular patrols and an active police presence in the community. For non-emergency inquiries and assistance, residents and visitors can contact the Sheriff’s Office. This ensures that Hampstead benefits from consistent and responsive law enforcement services, maintaining safety and order in the area.

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Hampstead Fire & Emergency Medical Services

Similar to the regional police presence, there is no Hampstead Fire Department. Hampstead’s fire protection and emergency medical services are provided by two local stations: Pender EMS and Fire Department – Station 14 and Hampstead Fire Rescue, also known as Pender EMS and Fire Department – Station 16.

These stations are equipped to handle a range of emergencies and are staffed by trained professionals. Their strategic locations within Hampstead ensure efficient coverage and response times for the community.

Sloop Point Volunteer Fire Department (Pender EMS and Fire Department – Station 14)

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Hampstead Fire Rescue (Pender EMS and Fire Department – Station 16)

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Pender County Government Services

For a full list of Pender County’s government services, offices and personnel, please refer to the Pender County Government website.

Rentals & Real Estate

Moving to Hampstead, NC

Considering relocating to Hampstead, NC? The Moving to Hampstead, NC Guide here on Topsail Guide is worth reviewing – as it is intended to serve as a more detailed resource for anyone contemplating this fast-growing community as their new home.

Hampstead, known for its excellent schools and proximity to Topsail Island, offers a blend of suburban living and outdoor activities, making it ideal for families and professionals alike.

Key highlights from the guide include:

  • Location and Accessibility: Hampstead is conveniently situated within a half-hour drive of both Wilmington and Jacksonville, appealing to those working in Wilmington’s businesses or stationed at Marine Corps Air Station New River and Camp LeJeune.
  • Growth and Development: The area has seen significant growth, with new neighborhoods emerging over the past decade. This expansion reflects a 35% increase in population, as indicated by recent Census data.
  • Community and Services: As an unincorporated area, Hampstead relies on Pender County for essential services like police, fire, and education. The community’s diverse population includes many residents from outside Coastal North Carolina.
  • Incorporation Debate: Residents regularly discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of becoming an incorporated municipality, weighing infrastructure support against cost and oversight considerations.
  • Housing and Real Estate: The surge in new home construction, mostly managed by local Homeowner Associations (HOAs), is a key factor in Hampstead’s growth. Prospective buyers should engage realtors for detailed information on these properties.
  • Outdoor and Recreational Opportunities: Hampstead is rich in outdoor activities, from forest walks to boating and beach access. Notable spots include Hampstead Kiwanis Park, offering ample space for recreation and relaxation.

Hampstead, NC Apartment Rentals

For those seeking apartment rentals in Hampstead, a variety of options are available to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a short-term stay or a more permanent residence, platforms like airbnb, Realtor.com, VRBO, and Zillow offer a comprehensive selection of listings.

From cozy, budget-friendly apartments to more luxurious accommodations, these platforms provide detailed information, including amenities, location, pricing, and availability. Airbnb is ideal for short-term, unique stays, while Realtor.com and Zillow are excellent resources for those seeking longer-term rentals with a wide range of options. VRBO specializes in vacation rentals, offering properties that are perfect for those looking to experience Hampstead’s charm for a shorter duration. Each platform offers user-friendly interfaces and filters to help you find the perfect rental in Hampstead that meets your specific requirements.

Local Vacation Rentals

Planning a vacation in the picturesque Topsail, North Carolina region? Our Topsail Island Vacation Rentals Guide is an essential resource for finding the perfect rental property. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an adventurous getaway, Topsail’s diverse communities, including Hampstead, Surf City, Topsail Beach, North Topsail Beach, Holly Ridge, and Sneads Ferry, offer a wide array of rental options to suit any preference.

Key highlights from the guide include:

  • Variety of Rental Options: From cozy beachfront cottages ideal for romantic getaways to spacious homes perfect for family reunions, the guide covers a broad spectrum of rental properties.
  • Location Choices: The guide distinguishes between waterfront, oceanfront, and inland vacation rentals, each offering unique experiences. Waterfront properties along the Intracoastal Waterway provide serene views and access to water activities, while oceanfront properties offer direct beach access and stunning ocean vistas. Inland rentals, nestled between these two, often boast beautiful sunrise and sunset views.
  • Rental Considerations: The guide advises on important aspects such as property amenities, bed linens and towels, cleaning responsibilities, check-in and check-out times, location preferences, property rules, and the importance of travel insurance.
  • Topsail Rental Agencies: It provides insights into various rental agencies managing properties on the island, including their pros and cons, helping you make an informed decision for your vacation needs.

Hampstead, North Carolina: Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Hampstead, NC from Wilmington, NC?

Hampstead North Carolina's is a 19 mile drive from Downtown Wilmington North Carolina. Since Hampstead is an unincorporated geographical area, it is important to note that there is no formal city or town center - so exact distances between locations in Hampstead and Wilmington should be measured using Google Maps, Waze or a similar application based on your form of travel.

How far is Hampstead, NC from Leland, NC?

Hampstead North Carolina's is a 28.2 mile drive from Downtown Leland North Carolina. Since Hampstead is an unincorporated geographical area, it is important to note that there is no formal city or town center - so exact distances between locations in Hampstead and Leland should be measured using Google Maps, Waze or a similar application based on your form of travel.

What county is Hampstead, NC located in?

Hampstead is an unincorporated, census-designated area in Pender County, North Carolina.

How far is Hampstead, NC from the Atlantic Ocean?

Hampstead, NC is a coastal community that shares its Eastern edge with the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW). The distance between the unofficial center of Hampstead (where the Hampstead Annex is located) to the open ocean is 3.2 miles, but there are many residences in Hampstead that are waterfront properties with direct access to saltwater.

Do you need wind insurance in Hampstead, North Carolina?

Insurance requirements vary depending upon the specific location of a residence or business within Hampstead. Another factor for wind insurance requirements vary based on an insurance company's underwriting guidelines. Many residents and businesses in Hampstead opt-in to "named storm" coverage which includes windstorm and hail coverage for significant weather events (such as tropical storms and hurricanes) as an extension beyond their standard or required insurance policy coverage.

Where is Hampstead, North Carolina?

Located south of Surf City, to the west of Topsail Island, and to the north of Wilmington, Hampstead is an unincorporated, census-designated area in Pender County, North Carolina.

Does Hampstead, North Carolina flood?

Areas of Hampstead do have a history of floods, especially during significant weather events. The most recent of these instances was 2018's Hurricane Florence which brought significant flooding to communities adjacent to the Cape Fear River and its tributaries as well as properties immediately adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW).

How deep are wells in Hampstead, North Carolina?

There are variances based on elevation above sea level, but as a general rule - wells in Hampstead reach the water table at about 10' below the soil's top surface.


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