Hampstead Annex – Pender County Government Building Details

Pender County Government's Hampstead Annex Location

While Hampstead is not an incorporated city or town the community is entirely contained within Pender County. With that being the case, Pender County Government provides several services and governing functions in close proximity to the benefit of area residents.

For more information on Pender County’s elected and appointed officials serving the area, please refer to our Hampstead Community page.

Hampstead Annex – Contact Information

The Hampstead Annex can be contacted or visited using the following information:

Pender County Government Services at Hampstead Annex

Hampstead area residents are able to access and perform several functions relating to Pender County services, including those related to the following departments:

  • Health & Human Services
    • Environmental Health
    • WIC
    • Immunization Clinics
    • Medicaid
    • Food Stamps
    • Energy Assistance
  • Housing Authority
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Planning & Community Development
    • Permitting
    • Building Inspections
  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Veteran’s Services

Recent Use & Services

Throughout 2021 and 2022, the Hampstead Annex has also served as a voting location allowing for residents to cast polls, and has aided in the vaccination distribution for COVID-19 with vaccines being made available through the Pender County Department of Health & Human Services.



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