Planning Board Delivers Major Setback for Controversial Development of South Topsail Island’s “The Point”

There is a dispute over a proposed development on the southern tip of Topsail Island, North Carolina, called “The Point.”

A Raleigh-based entrepreneur named Todd Olson wants to turn a portion of the land into a family compound, but many local residents and conservationists are against the proposal.

While the recent unanimous decision by the Town of Topsail Beach Planning Board to deny Olson’s rezoning request represents a victory for those opposed, the fight for The Point’s future is far from over.

Planning Board Unanimously Denies Rezoning Request

This week, the Planning Board of Topsail Beach unanimously rejected Todd Olson’s appeal to rezone “The Point” stretch of land which spans 150 acres on Topsail Island. The move received great support from the local community and conservationists.

The fight for The Point’s preservation, though – is far from over.


The Controversial Proposition: A Look at Olson’s Development Plans

Olson, the CEO of the software company Pendo, proposes a grand family compound that significantly contrasts the untouched serenity of The Point.

Limited to a 30-acre slice of the 150-acre parcel, his plans include constructing seven houses ranging from 2,400 to 4,000 square feet, a 5,000 square foot maintenance building, a swimming pool with a pool house, beach walkways, and a six-slip boat dock with boat lifts.

The rest of the land would remain under a conservation easement, preventing any further development.

The development will bring significant changes to The Point’s landscape. This raises concerns about the possible disturbance to the local environment and wildlife, and could also affect the peaceful atmosphere that has been appreciated by locals and visitors over the years.

Community Outcry: Conserve The Point

Conserve The Point (CTP) is a group of volunteers consisting of community-based individuals whose main goal is to protect the biodiversity and natural beauty of The Point. They are among the leaders in resistance against Olson’s proposed development.

Conserve The Point continues to maintain a Fact Sheet [PDF] for those interested in learning more.

The belief is that the pristine sanctuary ought to be conserved for the forthcoming generations rather than giving way to the suggested private development.

The Call for Preservation: “A Ballad of the Wild and Serene”

Gavin Shwala’s inspiring video, “Topsail Island: A Ballad of the Wild and Serene,” encapsulates the passion and determination of the local community to protect The Point.

This heartfelt tribute showcases the island’s unrivaled beauty, serving as a powerful rallying cry for those advocating for its preservation.

Call to Action: Your Voice Can Help Shape The Point’s Future

The Town of Topsail Beach Commissioners will reassess Olson’s proposal on June 14, 2023, and it’s crucial for those who value The Point to make their voices heard.

CTP’s collective efforts have already resulted in over 4,000 signatures on a petition opposing Olson’s plans, but more can be done.

Get involved by educating yourself about The Point’s history, signing the petition, attending public hearings, or engaging with the CTP’s community on Facebook.

Each action helps amplify the message: Topsail Island’s last undisturbed haven deserves to be preserved.

Conclusion: The Battle for Topsail Island Continues

As the decisive June 14th meeting looms, the future of The Point hangs in the balance. But, with an impassioned community tirelessly advocating for its preservation, The Point’s story will remain a testament to the power of collective action and the enduring value of natural beauty.


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