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Pre-registration for all yoga offerings is required via text or DM as I limit the class size to create a safe & intimate environment conducive to healing✨ Restorative Yoga & Meditation is Sundays @ 5pm and Tuesdays @ 10am ~ we hold poses longer to allow the nervous system to engage the relaxation response. Yin Yoga is Mondays @ 10am ~ poses are held longer & utilize Chinese Medicine and release fascia along meridians in the body. Individual counseling ~ free 15-minute consultation required to share my treatment approach & discuss your goals for therapy to determine if we are a good fit.✨

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Topsail Island Yoga & Counseling, PLLC offers individual counseling, restorative & yin yoga offerings all designed to guide the connection between the mind & body and help regulate your nervous system back to a state of relaxation and balance.

If you’re curious about getting to know yourself as a human being rather than a human “doing” – TIY&C is the perfect place to bring you back home to yourself!

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Jess White, LCSW, RYT is a therapist and yoga teacher offering a unique mind-body approach to all of her clients.

She believes that we store trauma within the body, and yoga may help release this deeply held tension. Using cognitive behavioral therapy through the lens of attachment theory and extensive knowledge of family dynamics, Jess can help you identify the patterns of thinking, behavior, & relationships that are creating suffering in your life.

As children, we are not responsible for our wounding, but as adults, we are responsible for our own healing. Are you willing to be curious about why you are repeating patterns and choices that may not serve you? If so, I’d be honored to guide you back to a life of wholeness and balance that you deserve!

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